STAGE expands to Smart Technology-based Agriculture Enabler – an end-to-end solution for farmers.

STAGE Implementation

Sensor Technology from Davis Instruments – Automatic Weather Station, Enviro Monitor nodes and Gateway.Each Enviro Monitor node will be connected with Soil moisture, Leaf wetness and Temperature / Humidity sensors from Davis Instruments.Dissemination of Advisory through Mobile Apps, SMS and email. VYOMET is an app developed by Hydenmet. WEATHERLINK AND MOBILIZE are provided by Davis Instruments.Soil Moisture comes from satellite data as well along with Nitrogen & phosphorous content of the soil and overall plant health.



STAGE End-To-End Solutions

Stage provides end-to-end solution for agriculture intelligence.It covers both the environmental as well as agricultural problems and thus providing efficient solutions for famers through the sensor and instrument implementations. The solutions includes four features such as:

  • Pre-Seeding
  • Seeding to Harvest
  • Harvest to Revenue
  • Additional Benefit to farmers

STAGE Levels



Technology based Advisory for Crop Selection and Land Preparation based on Satellite-Based land analysis (Conserwater).Bringing the best quality Farm inputs at the lowest price


Seeding to Harvest

Crop and weather advisory based on sensor and satellite inputs to effectively manage irrigation, pests and yield. We using sensor and satellite technologies


Harvest to Revenue

Best harvest practices and cost-effective storage solutions.Market access and best prices


Additional Benefit to farmers

We Monitor Carbon Sequestration and pay farmers for Carbon Credit

Business Continuity Solutions

Hydenmet provides business continuity solutions covering people safety to a variety of Industry Verticals – the business case being addressed is ensuring safety and comfort of people exposed to dangerous weather conditions in large outdoor areas. Click on Request Quote to submit your request for a quote.

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