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Overview of EdisonLearning’s Virtual Products and ServicesEdisonLearning is a leading educational services provider with over 25 years of experience in the industry. As the nation’s largest minority-owned education company, EdisonLearning has pioneered one of the nation’s most effective learning programs for dropouts and those who have had their education interrupted by life circumstances. Throughout our history, we have provided a broad range of educational services to almost 500 schools in more than 30 states. EdisonLearning holds the following accreditations:

  • Learning Service Provider, as accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS).
  • Distance Education School, as accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), a division of AdvancED.

EdisonLearning’s Virtual and Blended Learning Solutions include the following products and services:EdisonLearning eCourses®:EdisonLearning uses proven methodologies to deliver the most engaging and innovative online courses on the market. Each EdisonLearning eCourse was developed by highly qualified instructional designers and certified teachers utilizing best practices fostered over a decade of online learning experience and 20 years of experience driving achievement in brick-and-mortar schools. The full EdisonLearning eCourse catalog offers sixth- through twelfth-grade online courses in both core and elective subject areas that can be used for a full virtual, credit recovery, supplemental, or alternative education, or for enrichment programs. EdisonLearning eCourses for high school are available in multiple course types to meet the needs of each learner and program including:

  • Foundation
  • Competency Based
  • Project Based
  • Honors
  • Credit Recovery

Each EdisonLearning eCourse is aligned to both national and Florida state standards and features learning objects in multiple means of representation and multiple modes of learning to meet the needs of each student. Students are presented course content through textual, interactive, and multimedia-rich learning activities and led through guided practice and formative assessments. EdisonLearning eCourses include both system-graded and teacher-graded assessments with a variety of technology-enhanced question types and activities at varying levels of rigor, as aligned to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.eSchoolware®:EdisonLearning’s proprietary learning management system, eSchoolware, is an integrated software suite that serves as the foundation for a partner’s online learning program. Specifically, eSchoolware allows partners to:

  • Track, monitor, and report on progress or performance
  • Manage their online program including registration and scheduling
  • Facilitate communication and sharing between users

The key components of eSchoolware include:

  • System Portal: The portal is the user dashboard that centralizes all vital tools for students, teachers, parents, and administrators, allowing them easy access to everything they need from one convenient homepage.
  • Information Management System: The web-based information system is designed expressly for the administration of enrollment, courses, content, students, and instructors in online and hybrid environments.
  • Content Delivery Systems: Course Player is an engaging and interactive content delivery system used for the majority of our high school EdisonLearning eCourses. Course Player requires students to interact with content and assessments in a personalized forced progression of learning objects. Mastery settings ensure that a student has succeeded in meeting the objectives of a lesson before the next lesson is unlocked. Students are provided with additional learning objects when needed. MyDay is a content delivery system designed as the result of targeted research with middle school students. As with Course Player, students are provided with a personalized forced progression of learning objects through their daily task lists. Mastery settings are available at an institution and student level to ensure that students have demonstrated success with the objectives of each lesson before moving to the next lesson. Students are assessed regularly through a variety of games and traditional summative assessments. Traditional View is a simplified user interface that allows students to guide themselves through lesson content and assignments. Any EdisonLearning eCourse can be delivered in this view. A performance alert system is available to indicate when academic interventions are needed based on lesson and cumulative assessments.
  • Custom Course Builder: This application enables users to build their own courses by choosing specific lessons and corresponding assessments from our full repository of curriculum.

Central Service Instruction:The EdisonLearning certified teacher serves as an online teacher for the asynchronous curriculum. The online teacher is responsible for providing students with quality feedback on all non-system-graded assignments. Teachers also provide supplemental support through a synchronous instructional tutoring platform. This support can also serve to provide interventions for students who have been identified by the software, teachers, and/or advisors as not meeting required progress, including proficiency levels. Students can access tutoring virtually or by dialing a toll-free phone number.EdisonLearning certified teachers are expected to respond to students, families, administrators, and members of the student support team (e.g., case managers, advisors, and counselors) in a timely manner. This includes responding to questions or concerns as well as grading and providing feedback on student work. Teachers are expected to consistently provide effective, student-focused feedback on all relevant assessment items. All teachers participate in extensive training and ongoing professional development in constructing and providing effective feedback. Feedback is subject-specific and crafted to guide and support students in learning and applying the skills and concepts provided in the EdisonLearning eCourse lessons. Teachers employ rubrics to score student essay submissions and lengthier, multistep assessments.EdisonLearning teachers are fully compliant with all laws, policies, and procedures surrounding Special Education modifications and accommodations, confidentiality, and the process for recommending students for Special Education testing. When asked, teachers attend and contribute to IEP meetings and participate in professional development to learn how to best serve students with special needs. When appropriate, teachers and instructional teams modify coursework and provide alternative means of assessing standards and skills for Special Education students.Central Service Advisement:Central Service advisors serve as a student and family’s primary contact. EdisonLearning’s advisement team strives to provide support in all three aspects of the student’s development (academic, career, and personal/social). To build rapport and consistency, a student remains with their assigned advisor for the duration of their EdisonLearning coursework. Unless otherwise requested, all siblings will be assigned to the same advisor. The responsibility of the advisor is to monitor student pacing, progress, performance, and attendance. Advisors communicate consistently with students, parents, and school staff via telephone conversations, email, and our internal messaging system. The advisor plays a crucial role in the student’s success, including examining and analyzing student needs from a cross-functional (academic and personal) perspective. The advisor helps the family create the student’s Personal Plan for Academic Success; is responsible for monitoring student performance across all subjects; and helps the student with pacing, quality of work, and attendance. The advisor has access to all pertinent information related to the student and uses this while communicating with the student and family to ensure data is up to date and conversations are authentic. Upon request by school districts or families, advisors will support college readiness and the application process to include information regarding college applications; the Common Application; FASFA, SAT, and ACT information; letters of recommendation; and scholarship opportunities.Contact InformationFor Schools: For districts or schools interested in online learning options, visit EdisonLearning’s website or contact the Regional Vice President, South; Janis Williams via email or (321) 302–3059.Technical Support: Current partners or students enrolled in EdisonLearning’s eCourses can receive technical support Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST by calling (855) 357-8776 and selecting option 1, or by emailing the Service Desk.Additional on-demand technical support including user guides, tip sheets, and training videos can be found on the EdisonLearning eSchoolware Help Page.Contacting Advisors and Teachers: Students are welcomed by their advisors upon account creation and by their teachers immediately upon enrollment. Teachers send welcome messages through the eSchoolware Portal Messaging System and post Course Introduction Announcements including their course policies, contact information, office hours, biographical information, and expectations for themselves and their students. EdisonLearning local and Central Service teachers adhere to the following service-level agreements to ensure timely and effective communication and student support:

  • Read and respond to all messages, forums, and academic interventions within 24 hours.
  • Grade and provide effective feedback on all quizzes and exams within 48 hours.
  • Grade and provide effective feedback on all writing assignments, speaking assignments,and projects within 72 hours.

Service-level agreement timeframes exclude holidays and weekends. Because students enrolled in EdisonLearning eCourses engage with the curriculum asynchronously, EdisonLearning’s teachers and advisors support students by engaging in regular communication through announcements, messages, and forums, offering synchronous on-demand tutoring services, and regularly monitoring student progress and performance.Hours of Availability for Instructors: While hours for individual teachers may vary, the Central Service staff as a whole is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Students can find a specific teacher’s phone number through the “Tutoring Hours” link in the “Other Information” portlet of their Student Portal in eSchoolware. Tutoring is by appointment only. Students can either message, email, or call their teacher to setup a time to meet with his or her teacher.Administrative Staff Information: EdisonLearning’s corporate headquarters is located at:One East Broward Blvd.
Suite 1111
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301The following EdisonLearning leaders work directly with the Virtual and Blended Learning Solutions product line.Carly Fuller – Vice President, Client Engagement & Strategic Alliances
(412) 773-6980
[email protected]
Matthew Zeglen – Client Success Advocate
(412) 773-6976
[email protected]
Nicholas B. Carlucci, M.Ed – Chief of Business Development and Senior Operations Officer
(410) 610-4237
[email protected]
Brady Bajuszik – Director, Instruction & Advisement

[email protected]
David Gale – Director, Product Design & Development

[email protected]
Dr. Wendy Oliver – Chief Learning Officer
(423) 760-6982
[email protected]
Course and Instructor InformationCertification status and physical location of all instructional personnel is detailed in the table below.

Subject AreaPhysical LocationStates with Active Certifications
EnglishFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Indiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania
MathematicsFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania
General ScienceFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Pennsylvania
Earth ScienceFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Michigan, Pennsylvania
BiologyFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania
ChemistryFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Missouri, Pennsylvania
PhysicsFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania
Social StudiesFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania
SpanishFlorida, Pennsylvania, VirginiaFlorida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania
GermanFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Pennsylvania
FrenchFlorida, Pennsylvania, VirginiaFlorida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia
MusicFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Pennsylvania
ArtFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Pennsylvania
Business TechnologyFlorida, PennsylvaniaFlorida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania

Average student-teacher ratios for each course: 42:1Teacher load (number of students assigned to a teacher):
Part-time teachers: 75
Full-time teachers: 200Student Completion and Successful Completion Rates for 2017–2018 School Year: The following data includes information both for EdisonLearning’s pure virtual students enrolled in EdisonLearning eCourses and dropout recovery students, who utilize EdisonLearning eCourses in a blended learning format in an alternative education model. An enrollment is defined as complete when a student has submitted and received a score for each required assessment in a course. Successful passing completion indicates that a student earned a grade of 60% or higher in their EdisonLearning eCourse; whereas successful mastery completion indicates that a student earned a grade of 80% or higher in their EdisonLearning eCourse.

CourseVirtual Completion RateVirtual Successful Completion Rate (>80%)Virtual Successful Completion Rate (>60%)BLA Completion RateBLA Successful Completion Rate (>80%)BLA Successful Completion Rate (>60%)
Algebra 174%23%47%49%41%48%
Algebra 280%29%58%70%58%68%
American History84%38%63%69%60%67%
Anatomy and Physiology83%58%74%
Earth Science82%31%58%79%72%79%
English 177%25%47%48%40%44%
English 284%32%55%64%57%62%
English 382%32%57%70%63%68%
English 484%37%64%74%68%73%
French 176%29%50%50%50%50%
French 284%46%63%69%62%62%
German 175%55%64%
German 279%44%61%
Physical Science72%20%45%48%29%46%
World History84%42%64%67%59%66%
Spanish 288%49%72%87%77%85%
US Government82%35%61%69%59%66%
Spanish 184%37%63%78%71%75%
Probability & Statistics84%28%53%63%49%63%

Student Completion and Successful Completion Rates for 2018–2019 School Year:

CourseVirtual Completion RateVirtual Successful Completion Rate (>80%)Virtual Successful Completion Rate (>60%)Dropout Recovery Completion RateDropout Recovery Successful Completion Rate (>80%)Dropout Recovery Successful Completion Rate (>60%)
French 166%27%45%29%29%29%
French 276%48%65%57%53%53%
Liberal Arts Mathematics 160%23%43%39%16%38%
Liberal Arts Mathematics 272%25%57%61%22%61%
M/J Civics62%25%44%
M/J Comprehensive Physical Education Grade 7/880%67%67%
M/J Comprehensive Science 172%37%53%
M/J Comprehensive Science 276%30%54%
M/J Comprehensive Science 371%28%53%
M/J Grade 6 Mathematics70%37%52%
M/J Grade 7 Mathematics72%26%46%
M/J Grade 8 Pre-Algebra65%20%42%
M/J Language Arts 170%37%49%
M/J Language Arts 274%29%48%
M/J Language Arts 372%37%53%
M/J United States History57%28%43%
M/J World History73%45%55%
Physics 175%41%61%52%50%52%
Psychology 183%55%72%78%73%77%

Student Completion and Successful Completion Rates for 2019–2020 School Year:

CourseVirtual Completion RateVirtual Successful Completion Rate (>80%)Virtual Successful Completion Rate (>60%)Dropout Recovery Completion RateDropout Recovery Successful Completion Rate (>80%)Dropout Recovery Successful Completion Rate (>60%)
Algebra 143%16%40%21%9%21%
Algebra 256%22%52%39%19%38%
American History38%21%37%29%18%28%
Anatomy and Physiology47%38%44%0%0%0%
Earth Science76%30%75%41%22%41%
English 113%7%13%20%13%20%
English 252%31%50%29%21%29%
English 340%33%39%31%24%31%
English 436%32%36%49%30%49%
French 141%34%34%0%0%0%
French 20%0%0%0%0%0%
French 417%17%17%
German 10%0%0%
M/J Comprehensive Science 114%0%14%
M/J Comprehensive Science 245%29%45%6%4%6%
M/J Comprehensive Science 35%0%5%1%0%1%
M/J Grade 6 Mathematics30%0%30%
M/J Grade 7 Mathematics39%29%39%7%5%7%
M/J Grade 8 Pre-Algebra42%30%42%1%0%1%
M/J Language Arts 110%0%10%
M/J Language Arts 224%14%22%0%0%0%
M/J Language Arts 324%13%21%0%0%0%
M/J United States History14%0%14%
M/J World History34%23%34%0%0%0%
Other Language Arts0%0%0%26%18%26%
Other Math66%46%64%50%26%50%
Other Science74%60%74%41%27%41%
Other Social Studies34%19%31%42%25%42%
Physical Science29%11%26%44%18%44%
Physics 143%10%43%0%0%0%
Probability & Statistics100%33%100%
Psychology 164%57%59%62%43%61%
Spanish 180%66%74%46%44%45%
Spanish 227%27%27%70%65%70%
Spanish 353%51%53%17%17%17%
Spanish 410%10%10%
US Government59%31%59%44%29%44%
World History36%20%36%31%19%31%

Student Performance and Program Accountability
The Provider possesses prior successful experience offering online courses to elementary, middle, or high school students as demonstrated by quantified learning gains or student growth in each subject area and grade level provided for consideration as an instructional program option.1. At least two years of cohort data from a state-administered summative assessment approved to meet federal (e.g. ESSA) accountability requirements.2. At least two years of cohort data from a nationally standardized summative achievement test.3. At least two years of cohort data from teacher-developed End-of-Course assessments or semester assessments.Please reference the CAOLA section. EdisonLearning has been in partnership with Capital Area Online Learning Consortium, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the past nine years servicing over 100 schools districts in Pennsylvania. This data looks at those students’ performance on the eCourse End-of-Course assessment within eSchoolware for the 2016–2017 and 2017–2018 school years.Ohio Dropout Recovery

Course# of 2016-17 FL Students Enrolled# of 2016-17 Students Tested% of 2016-17 Students Tested# of 2016-17 Students Passing EOS% of 2016-17 Students Passing EOS# of 2017-18 FL Students Enrolled# of 2017-18 Students Tested% of 2017-18 Students Tested# of 2017-18 Students Passing EOS% of 2017-18 Students Passing EOS
Algebra 113410679%3836%15312078%4638%
American History1017776%5875%847994%3747%
English 114313796%5842%16012478%4133%
English 2594169%2356%887282%3447%
US Government1078882%6473%13510175%4343%

Chicago Dropout Recovery

Course# of 2016-17 FL Students Enrolled# of 2016-17 Students Tested% of 2016-17 Students Tested# of 2016-17 Students Passing EOS% of 2016-17 Students Passing EOS# of 2017-18 FL Students Enrolled# of 2017-18 Students Tested% of 2017-18 Students Tested# of 2017-18 Students Passing EOS% of 2017-18 Students Passing EOS
Reading Assessment81978596%40852%67166499%34552%
Math Assessment81978596%40051%67166499%32649%


Course# of 2016-17 FL Students Enrolled# of 2016-17 Students Tested% of 2016-17 Students Tested# of 2016-17 Students Passing EOS% of 2016-17 Students Passing EOS# of 2017-18 FL Students Enrolled# of 2017-18 Students Tested% of 2017-18 Students Tested# of 2017-18 Students Passing EOS% of 2017-18 Students Passing EOS
Algebra 1 [Competency Based]1106458%4977%1126154%4370%
Algebra 1 [Credit Recovery]1115247%2752%1186454%3555%
Algebra 2 [Competency Based]1539763%4849%1256350%4368%
American History [Competency Based]18011664%9985%21615069%11275%
Anatomy and Physiology [Competency Based]756181%6098%846881%6190%
Biology [Competency Based]17015491%11474%936570%5585%
Biology [Credit Recovery]1308666%6373%1739957%7273%
Calculus [Competency Based]161594%1280%161169%873%
Chemistry [Competency Based]17113076%9976%14211077%7568%
Chemistry [Credit Recovery]513365%1855%764255%1843%
Earth Science [Competency Based]1138373%7692%14312587%11693%
Economics [Competency Based]998889%6978%15712680%10180%
English 1 [Competency Based]1208268%6276%835566%4684%
English 1 [Credit Recovery]1548958%4854%1809653%7679%
English 2 [Competency Based]1159078%7482%1007878%7292%
English 2 [Credit Recovery]1268366%7590%1428560%7184%
English 3 [Competency Based]20815976%14088%26020579%16380%
English 3 [Credit Recovery]16812373%9880%19011661%9481%
English 4 [Competency Based]19616383%14287%27422783%19686%
English 4 [Credit Recovery]1308968%6775%1398964%6371%
Geometry [Competency Based]14311178%9283%20914871%10672%
Geometry [Credit Recovery]745169%3161%744155%1537%
Physical Education [Competency Based]615793%5698%24322091%20995%
Physical Science [Competency Based]644469%2659%714868%2756%
Pre-Calculus [Competency Based]685378%2955%836781%4364%
Spanish 1 [Competency Based]705579%5396%986162%5692%
Spanish 2 [Competency Based]826579%65100%726388%6298%
Trigonometry [Competency Based]423686%2672%604677%2861%
US Government [Competency Based]20716680%14286%1169784%9194%
World History [Competency Based]21718083%15888%22811852%152129%

Performance Accountability Information
Student and Course Performance Accountability Data from the 2017–2018 School Year:Performance information from statewide testing for virtual students is reported directly to the student’s Local Education Agency or home district and is not shared or reported to EdisonLearning as an online course vendor.Educator Performance Accountability:All Florida-certified teachers are evaluated by the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model.A major update took place in 2017, bringing forth the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model. This fine-tuned framework, developed in partnership with Dr. Robert J. Marzano, greatly simplifies evaluation and helps teachers develop their professional expertise over time. A concise set of 23 core teacher competencies:

  • Emphasizes a competency-based approach to observation and scoring
  • Increases fairness, accuracy of scoring, and inter-rater reliability
  • Keeps the evaluative focus on standards-based instruction and teacher growth
  • Provides specific desired effects, focusing on evidence of student learning
  • Recommends practical, workable procedures for implementation and scoring

Growth Plan for StaffTeachers and all staff members complete a Growth Plan once a year. The Director of Instruction and Advisement with the assistance of third-party contractors observe teachers and staff members monthly and conducts midyear and end-of-year evaluations. Student performance results are factored into each staff member’s evaluation, as indicated below in yellow.Classroom Teachers:

Final Score
Instructional Practice:34%
Domain 1:25%
Domain 2:25%
Growth Plan:33%
Student Data:33%

Non-Classroom Teachers:

Final Score
Instructional Practice:34%
Domain A:20%
Domain D:20%
Growth Plan:33%
Student Data:33%

School Leader:

Final Score
Instructional Practice:34%
Domain 1:20%
Domain 2:20%
Domain 3:20%
Growth Plan:33%
Student Data:33%

Nonsectarian and Anti-Discrimination PoliciesNonsectarian Policy:EdisonLearning is nonsectarian in its courses, admission policies, employment practices, and operations.Anti-Discrimination Policy:EdisonLearning operates without regard to student or employee race, color, creed, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, genetic information, age, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, past, current or prospective service in the uniformed services, mental or physical disability, marital, civil union or domestic partnership status. No person, on the basis of race, color, creed, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, genetic information, age, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, past, current or prospective service in the uniformed services, mental or physical disability, marital, civil union or domestic partnership status, shall be restricted access to, excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination under any EdisonLearning program or activity, or in any employment conditions or practices.Participation in Florida’s Statewide Assessment ProgramThe Florida Department of Education requires that all virtual students enrolled in EdisonLearning’s eCourses must participate in the Florida Statewide Assessment program. This program includes participation in end-ofcourse exams for the following EdisonLearning eCourses:

  • Algebra 1 (Students must pass this assessment to graduate)
  • Biology
  • Geometry
  • US History

It also includes participation for all ninth and tenth graders in the Florida Standard Assessment (FSA) English Language Arts assessment. A passing score on this assessment is required for graduation.Some Florida school districts may also require that students participate in the Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading (FAIR).As an Online Course Provider, EdisonLearning does not administer Florida’s statewide assessments, but instead works directly with school partners to ensure that students and parents are provided with information about the testing and testing schedules. Students should coordinate their testing locations, dates, and times with their home school district. Additional information about the Florida Statewide Assessment Program can be found using the links below:2018–2019 Florida Statewide Assessment Program Schedule Florida
2019–2020 Florida Statewide Assessment Program Schedule Florida
Florida Department of Education K–12 Student Assessment Information

Additional EdisonLearning eCourse and eSchoolware InformationNCAA Initial EligibilityEdisonLearning is proud to have received initial eligibility approval from the NCAA for our Competency Based, Project Based, and Honors EdisonLearning eCourses for high school students. The course approval list can be accessed at the NCAA Eligibility Center using the six-digit code 851086:eSchoolware and EdisonLearning eCourse AccessibilityEdisonLearning is committed to meeting accessibility standards in its products in accordance with best practices and adopting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 as its standard. More information can be obtained by reading the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.FERPA NoticePlease read the Notification of Rights under FERPA for Elementary and Secondary Schools for more information on the FERPA notice.PrivacyInformation submitted or entered by Licensee into the EdisonLearning Products or otherwise collected or generated by operation of the EdisonLearning Products (“User Data”) will be used in accordance with applicable law and any privacy policy presented in the applicable EdisonLearning Product. EdisonLearning reserves the right to use, display, and distribute User Data in connection with EdisonLearning’s business and providing the EdisonLearning Products or other services to third parties, provided that such use or disclosure shall only be in anonymous, aggregate, or de-identified form that does not personally identify individual users. Such use may include computing and disclosing statistics or analyses relating to the EdisonLearning Products, including performance or usage metrics. While EdisonLearning uses commercially reasonable practices to ensure that User Data is used and disclosed in accordance with EdisonLearning privacy practices, EdisonLearning cannot warrant or guarantee that User Data will always remain secure due to transmission errors, outside events, third-party hacking or other causes. EdisonLearning will comply with all privacy laws and make any legally required disclosures regarding breaches of the security, confidentiality, or integrity of personal User Data consistent with its ability to determine the scope of a breach and its obligations to law enforcement. The full agreement can be found in the EdisonLearningEnd User License Agreement.

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